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Are you dreaming of a honeymoon in a special place? if so, it sounds like you should start planning your honeymoon in Morocco. It’s a place where you can ride off into the desert on camelback at sunrise, and sunset. Choose one of our desert tours, and let’s make it special for your honeymoon tour in Morocco.

A honeymoon in Morocco will have you traversing diverse landscapes, from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert and from the busy city streets of Marrakech, and Fes to the relaxing beaches of Essaouira, and Agadir, etc.

Eco desert Morocco, offers one of the top items on your Moroccan honeymoon bucket list that has to be riding a camel. And it doesn’t get more romantic than riding a camel with your love through the Sahara desert at sunset.

Book your dream honeymoon tour in Morocco with Eco Desert Morocco and start your journey by blending adventures through intoxicating medinas, breathtaking mountains and awe inspiring deserts.

  • We will prepare a beautiful tent for the occasion, to achieve a dream climate of your honeymoon.
  • We will provide you with the typical Berber bride and groom attire if you want that.
  • They will enjoy the typical music of the desert and surroundings.
  • They will share an exquisite romantic honeymoon dinner in the desert under the stars.
  • They can have unrepeatable photographs throughout the trip to remember that beautiful pact of love. Without a doubt, this experience will remain forever etched in their minds.