Desert tours in Morocco offer an incredible opportunity to experience the country’s vast and mesmerizing desert landscapes, particularly the Sahara Desert. These tours typically include camel treks, visits to desert oases, exploration of sand dunes, and overnight stays in traditional desert camps. Here’s an overview of what you might expect from a desert tour in Morocco.


ECO DESERT MOROCCO, is Tour agency was created by a university graduate and his brothers. all have experience in tourism service. we come from a Berber family in the Sahara desert, we are specialized in Desert Morocco tours.

We have decided to create, something new that is appropriate for our fragile desert landscapes. Something that respects the characteristics of sustainable-friendly tourism. So because our main goal is to try to minimize the negative impact of tourism on our natural and cultural resources, and enjoying these features. Our Tour agency offers tours and excursions around Morocco, for solo travelers, couples, families, and small groups.


Eco Desert Morocco comprises a team of professional guides who share a passion for travel and love sharing this passion. Our guides are to conduct tours and accompany clients on excursions across Morocco – Sahara desert, Imperial cities, Mountains, Beaches, etc. Our common goal is to help our guests connect with everything we love about our country – its history, art, and culture. After all, these are the very reasons that inspired the members of our team to make a tour guiding their profession.


Tours Packages:

Like the original people of Morocco and the experience that we have in tourism services, we are able to advise you on an itinerary/tour to suit your particular interests and preferences. We offer a full range of Morocco tours and excursions, which are available every day with experienced guides and drivers.


We organize tourism activities such as Camel Trek tours, luxury tours, imperial cities tours, and Sahara desert tours, all over Morocco.