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The best collection of Morocco tours and excursions from Marrakech, Grand Morocco tours from Casablanca, Morocco tours from Agadir, Morocco desert tours from Fes, tours from Tangier, tours from Ouarzazate, Tours from Essaouira. Our Morocco tours will take you through the most attractive places such as Sahara desert, Morocco imperial cities, Atlas mountains, Moroccan Beaches.

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Morocco is a blend of diverse cultures where ancient Berber “ Amazigh “, Jewish, and Arab history meet and mix. This fusion of customs, traditions, and cultures has created a lifestyle that is uniquely Moroccan. When visiting with Eco Desert Morocco, you will experience the magnificence of its landscape, from the mountains to the Sahara Desert, and from the cities to the seas, discovering all the richness of Africa in Morocco. This makes the Morocco Sahara desert tours we arrange truly unique.

ECO DESERT MOROCCO is your dedicated travel and tour operator, committed to crafting an unforgettable experience in Morocco. Our offerings range from private to group Morocco Desert tours, starting from any location you prefer. Rely on us, as local travel experts with licensed drivers and guides, to unveil the treasures of imperial cities, the majestic Atlas Mountains, fortified Kasbahs, ancient ruins, sun-kissed beaches, palm-filled oases, picturesque towns, and the rich historical tapestry that this enchanting country holds.

Since the Sahara Desert stands as a pinnacle for many, we’ve woven it into nearly all our itineraries, featuring a night in a desert camp and a mesmerizing camel ride through the Erg Chebbi dunes, ensuring you witness awe-inspiring sunsets and sunrises. Embark on your Morocco Desert tour adventure – contact us today!


Eco desert Morocco arranges the best Morocco tours and excursions to the Sahara Desert, imperial cities, mountains, and beaches, from Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier, Agadir, to Essaouira. Our best Morocco tours will allow you to discover the main tourist attractions and explore the maximum possible.

Eco Desert Morocco is a special travel company. They help people have an amazing time in Morocco. Morocco is a cool place with a mix of different cultures like Berber, Jewish, and Arab. With Eco Desert Morocco, you can see awesome landscapes from mountains to the Sahara Desert. They make unique tours for you to enjoy the beauty of Africa in Morocco.

Eco Desert Morocco, is like a friend helping you explore Morocco. They have trips for small groups or just you and your friends. Their local experts, who know a lot about Morocco, will guide you to discover cool places like ancient ruins, big mountains, and beautiful beaches.

One exciting thing we offer is a night in a desert camp. You get to ride camels through the Erg Chebbi dunes and see amazing sunsets and sunrises. It’s like a magical adventure!

If you want to explore Morocco in an easy and fun way, contact Eco Desert Morocco. They arrange the best tours to the Sahara Desert, cities, mountains, and beaches. You can start your adventure from Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier, Agadir, Ouarzazate or Essaouira. They make sure you see the best of Morocco and have a great time.



Morocco desert tours and excursions from Marrakech, Sahara desert tours from Casablanca, desert trips from Fes, Morocco tours from Tangier, Sahara desert tours from Agadir, Ouarzazate desert excursions, Desert tours from Essaouira.



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Eco Desert Morocco tours comprises a team of professional guides who share a passion for travel and love sharing this passion. Our guides are to conduct tours and accompany clients on excursions across Morocco - Sahara desert, Imperial cities, Mountains, Beaches, etc. Our common goal is to help our guests connect with everything we love about our country – its history, art, and culture. After all, these are the very reasons that inspired the members of our team to make a tour guiding their profession.
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We have another collection of Morocco tours and excursions to choose from, we also offer multi-day trips that will definitely suit your needs, otherwise you can contact us to customize your own trip.

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