If you’re heading to the Sahara, chances are you’ll pass through Ouarzazate. This city is known for the amazing Kasbah’s and has become a big deal in the movie world too.

Whether you’re just driving through or thinking of stopping for a day or two, there are plenty of things to do in Ouarzazate.


When you plan a trip to Ouarzazate, make sure to include this small village, just 30 km away on the road to Marrakech, on your bucket list. Thousands of these special buildings are scattered across Morocco, especially in the South, where they’re not just reminders of the past but are still homes for many families.

The unique and straightforward design of these buildings has drawn visitors from all over the world. The architecture reflects the humble lifestyle of the local people and the grand dreams of desert nobility.

In this place, you’ll discover both small, uncomplicated structures and large, intricately decorated mini-palaces. Ait Ben Haddou stands out like a shining gem among the kasbahs, and its charm is heightened by its recognition on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

TELOUET KASBAH ( Our Favorite Kasbah ):

While many people visit Ait Ben Haddou, the more famous kasbah in the region, don’t overlook Telouet kasbah – it’s a hidden gem worth considering. If you’re on a day trip from Marrakech, you might only have time for one.

This kasbah was once the home of Thami al Glaoui, a significant figure in Morocco’s recent history. Known as The Lord of the Atlas, some see him as a wise ruler, while others view him as a traitor. His story reads like a movie script – a Berber chieftain (of the Glaoui tribe) who ruled southern Morocco and later became the Pacha of Marrakech.


Beautiful Oasis, and just ten kilometers south of Ouarzazate is the Fint Oasis, a stunning spot surrounded by four traditional villages that stand out in the otherwise dry landscape. Hollywood films have also used this oasis as a backdrop. You can explore it with a 4×4 vehicle or a quad bike. Having a guide can help you connect with the locals. While there are some small hotels in the oasis, keep in mind that the accommodations are simple.


Ouarzazate is the best point from you can start a desert trip, it is the gate to the Sahara from the high Atlas Mountains. The desert trip from Ouarzazate will allow you to stop in amazing places before getting to the Sahara desert, as well as it’s less drive than from Marrakech.


While visiting Ouarzazate, you can take a desert trip to one of the wild Desert in Morocco, as well as from Erg Chigaga Desert you can take the off road of Rally Paris Dakar to Merzouga.