Tangier is a special port city, and not many places in the world have the charm it does. It’s got a magical literary history, tangled streets in the Kasbah, and a beautiful Grand Mosque. This city, like a doorway to Africa, is just about an hour’s boat ride from Europe. It keeps capturing the hearts of the many visitors who come each year. Check out our guide for the best things to see and do in Morocco’s favorite harbor town.

Grand Socco:

This big square is on the west side of Tangier’s old town, just outside Bab Al Fahs. It’s like a roundabout with a fountain. People like to hang out here because it has grass and paved areas. It’s a good spot to chill in the evenings, with ice cream sellers and sometimes some entertainment.

Cinema Rif:

Cinema Rif is at the Grand Socco, across from Bab Al Fahs – hard to miss! It’s not just a cinema but also a café. What makes it special is that it’s an old-style theater, like the ones from your childhood. They show different types of films – alternative, classic, and mainstream. If you want to watch a movie while in Tangier, check the languages beforehand.

If you’re just after a drink and a sweet treat, this iconic spot is worth a visit. Many people come to Cinema Rif to enjoy coffee and cake while people-watching.

The Kasbah:

Don’t miss the beautiful Kasbah like we did on our first visit to Tangier. It was like discovering a whole new Tangier when we discovered the Kasbah on our second visit. It’s a lovely part of the Medina to explore, to brush up on your history, as well as a great place to shop. There are a high concentration of boutique shops as well as a collection of luxury hotels and boutique accommodation.

The Kasbah is part of the Medina, but an elevated section at the northern end. We recommend that you start your visit from Bab Kasbah and everything else is a walk downhill.

Within the Kasbah you’ll find Espace d’Exposition de la memoire d’Ibn Battouta or the Ibn Batutta Museum. The Kasbah Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum.

To get here, from the Grand Socco, enter the medina via Bab Al Fahs. Then follow Rue d’Italie which becomes Rue de la Kasbah. After the parking lot at the top of the hill, turn right into Place du Tabor and in front of you will be Bab Kasbah.

Ibn Battuta Museum:

This museum is all about the life of the great explorer, Ibn Battuta. He was born in Tangier in 1304 and became the greatest traveler of his time, venturing across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Even surpassing Marco Polo, he explored most of the eastern hemisphere. The museum, located in Tangier, is a modern, interactive tribute to his life and journeys, with translations in Arabic, French, and English. Born in Tangier, he returned in 1354 and is believed to be buried within the Medina.

The museum is well-displayed and provides a fascinating journey through Ibn Battuta’s astonishing life. If you’re into history or curious about this remarkable Moroccan explorer, a visit is highly recommended.

For Ibn Battuta enthusiasts, consider prioritizing a visit to his tomb. Though small and inconspicuous, it is believed to be his final resting place. Unfortunately, it was closed during our visit. You can find the tomb on Rue Ibn Batouta, not far from the Kasbah Rose Hotel.