Sidi Kaouki:

If you want a quiet and natural place away from busy developments, you should check out Sidi Kaouki beach. It’s a peaceful spot where calmness and traditional living come together. This beach is mostly wild, with sand dunes and plants making it feel like a desert oasis by the sea. Unlike Essaouira beach nearby, Sidi Kaouki doesn’t have strong winds.

It’s like a hidden treasure because not many people know about it, and that’s what makes Sidi Kaouki special.

Close to a Berber village, life around here is simple and easygoing. People who love surfing come here for the big waves, and they relax in simple cafes and restaurants. You’ll find a few sunbeds if you want to enjoy the sun. And for something different, you can even take a camel ride around the sand dunes.

Essaouira beach:

Essaouira is an old and special city with a history. In the 1960s, it was a cool spot on the hippie trail where famous people came to enjoy nature and the culture. Now, Essaouira is a busy port city with a nice beach, but it still keeps its traditions.

People like Essaouira beach because it’s calm and has shiny sand. In the past, hippies loved hanging out here, and now there are great places to eat by the beach. You can have a tasty dinner in one of the many restaurants with world-class dishes and a beautiful view of the beach.

But, if you’re thinking of sunbathing, Essaouira might not be the best place. It’s often windy, and people call it the ‘Wind City of Africa.’ Still, it’s a favorite spot for windsurfers who enjoy the strong winds most of the year.

Taghazout beach:

Taghazout, a small and traditional village just north of Agadir, is a special place. More tourists are coming here because the government wants to make it a resort town, but right now, it’s mostly visited by backpackers and surfers. This easygoing town is like heaven for surfers who love riding the waves in the summer.

Taghazout has a calm and relaxed feeling. Surfers spend time in the town’s bars and guesthouses, and there are lots of surf shops and schools for those who want to give surfing a try.

The beach has rough rocks and beautiful golden sand. You can rent a sun lounger and umbrella to relax while listening to the waves. Evenings on the beach are warm and lovely. It’s a perfect spot for some yoga as the sun sets, turning the waves into shades of pink and orange.

Legzira beach:

A famous and eye-catching spot known worldwide is Legzira Beach with its unique rock formations. What made it stand out were two arches made of sandstone sticking out from the cliffs, but sadly, the bigger one fell in 2016 after being shaped by erosion for thousands of years. The smaller arch is still there, and it’s quite a sight – especially during sunsets when many people take selfies with it.

Even though one arch is gone, the beach is still an amazing place to see these unusual rocks. People love Legzira for its sunsets that paint the sky with different shades of red on the rocks. Legzira is quite windy, making it a popular spot for paragliders, surfers, and those who love chasing sunsets.

Agadir beach:

Nestled between the lively Atlantic Ocean and the foothills of the stunning Atlas mountains, Agadir Beach is a lively part of the busy Berber city. Bathed in sunlight, the beach’s rolling sand dunes stretch from the Sahara desert to the calm sea.

Agadir beach is especially beautiful, and the mild weather allows for swimming all year round. Kayaking, surfing, and windsurfing are trendy activities here. From being a small fishing town, Agadir has transformed into a bustling resort city, making it a delightful place to stroll along the seafront boulevard. Pass by cafes and children’s playgrounds, then relax on the soft sands of Agadir beach.

Asilah beach:

Just six kilometers south of the old, walled town of Asilah, you’ll find Las Cuevas Beach tucked below rounded, dusty cliffs that shield it. Getting there isn’t the easiest – a steep and dusty track leads from the road down to the sand. But, don’t worry, there are other ways to get there. You can even take a horse and cart if you fancy it!

On the shore, you’ll see several beach restaurants serving freshly caught fish along with salads and potatoes. If you decide to relax and enjoy a leisurely bite at one of these cafes, you can use their sunbeds and umbrellas for free.