Explore Morocco while respecting local people and the environment with ECO DESERT MOROCCO, your perfect eco-tour partner. We focus on sustainable development and ecotourism, ensuring interactions between travelers and locals benefit everyone. Our goal is to organize responsible tours, whether it’s a yoga retreat or vacations in an eco-resort.

Experience the traditional Moroccan way of life by meeting talented individuals. For art lovers, enjoy a concert with musicians playing the oud or the drums. If you savor delicious dishes, join cooking classes to master the use of various spices. Craftsmen are eager to share their knowledge about pottery, basketry, and weaving, creating delicate jewelry, colorful carpets, and beautiful marquetry furniture. In rural tourism, visit an argan oil cooperative and see the preparation of products like oil, face and hand creams, and body milk – a natural way to enhance your beauty.

Sustainable Tourism:

If you are looking to tour Morocco in sustainable way, Eco desert Morocco is your best choice, with local experienced tour guides and tour operators.

Sustainable eco-tours through Morocco, where you’ll explore the country while staying in locally-owned Riads in Marrakesh and eco-camps in the snow-capped Atlas mountains. In addition to visiting amazing places, you’ll engage in cultural exchanges, craft workshops, and collaborate with locals. These organizations focus on a range of initiatives, from women’s education to community development, allowing you to have a meaningful impact while enjoying your journey.