Food is super important in different places and cultures. Morocco, a cool country, has amazing and tasty dishes you shouldn’t miss. When you visit, it might be hard to pick what to eat because everything looks perfect and yummy. Here’s a list of the top ten best Moroccan dishes to help you decide. These dishes are like masterpieces in the art gallery of Moroccan Cuisine, and you definitely want to taste them!


Tagine gets its name from a special clay dish used to cook this flavorful meal. It’s a spicy and delicious food made by slow-cooking meat and veggies in a shallow clay pot. The cooked mix is arranged in the pot in a cone shape, making it look really cool. People eat it straight from the pot with Moroccan bread, making it extra special and a big part of Moroccan cuisine.


Couscous is Morocco’s favorite dish and tops the list of their best foods. It’s made from crushed steamed wheat and served with a spicy meat stew. Even though couscous is loved in Northern Africa, it’s especially popular in Morocco, eaten by most families every week. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s Couscous tfaya with caramelized onions and raisins – just as tasty as the one with meat stew.


Mechoui is a well-known dish in Moroccan cuisine – it’s basically spiced and roasted lamb. To make it, the tender meat of a whole lamb is roasted in deep pits. If you don’t have pits, you can still make Mechoui with a Moroccan recipe that doesn’t need a whole lamb. It’s served to guests, and you don’t need any utensils – just tear the tender meat with your hands and enjoy one of the best things in Moroccan cuisine.


Among many delicious stews in Moroccan cuisine, Harira shines as one of the best. It’s crafted from vegetables, rice, meat, herbs, and spices, holding great importance in Moroccan culture. Mostly enjoyed during special events like Ramadan, Harira is versatile and can be made all year round. When served, it comes with boiled eggs seasoned with salt, cumin, dates, and other dried fruits, tailored to the guests’ preferences.


Don’t forget to try Zaalouk when you’re in Morocco – it’s a special native salad made with eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, and spices. Often served as a side dish, Zaalouk is perfect as a dip with crusty bread. What’s intriguing is that it can be made in various ways, adapting to the preferences of those enjoying it. Moroccan Cuisine offers different types of Zaalouk like Pumpkin, Carrot, and Pepper Zaalouk, providing a tasty variety.


A must-try in Morocco is the b’stilla, a uniquely crafted pie made with tender meat from young pigeons or squabs. This sweet and flavorful meat pie is layered with various spices, wrapped in delicate phyllo, and baked to a perfect golden color. Known for its intricate preparation, b’stilla is usually reserved for special occasions but can be savored at restaurants for a slightly higher cost. It stands out in Moroccan Cuisine with its distinct look and intense flavors.